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Midwest Tractor Sales - New and Used New Holland Equipment and other manufacturers


Installment Contracts

CNH Capital offers a variety of financing options with flexible payment schedules timed to meet the cash-flow needs of our customers – annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly:

  • Split-rate financing fixes specific rate changes during the contract period. This provides lower initial payments.
  • Fixed-rate financing locks the rate for the entire term of the contract, protecting you against rising rates.
  • Variable-rate financing offers rates that reflect the current market.
  • Equity Builder offers a payment structure which allows credit qualified customers to make larger monthly payments in lieu of a down payment.
  • Skip-payment Plans align payment due dates to your seasonal income flow. 

Bottom line: We're here to make equipment financing easy.

Leasing Equipment

It's all about becoming more productive--and profitable. That's what leasing can do. Because you only pay for the use of the equipment, you can reduce up-front payments to conserve capital. Plus, you gain the advantage of working with the latest technology.

More productive equipment for less money. There are plenty of ways to structure a lease, too. With the variety of operating, finance and municipal leases, CNH Capital can help find the perfect plan for any business.

Maximize cash flow and bolster your bottom line--with CNH Capital.

What is a Lease?

Leasing allows companies to acquire equipment using alternative forms of financing providing economic options to satisfy accounting, tax and equipment needs. Increased cash flows and preservation of line of credit are additional benefits of leasing.